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Calendars are an effective marketing tool, they are in view of your clients all year round


We specialize in calendar printing. Calendars are perfect with essential phone numbers and dates and any crucial advice and ideas you can think of.


Calendar Types: Tent Calendar, 28pp A4 Saddle Stitched,

26pp A3/A4 Wire Bound Calendar, Desktop Flip Calendar



Tent Calendar - 210mm x 95mm

Fridge Calendar - 99mm x 210mm / 105mm x 148mm / 148mm x 210mm

Desktop Flip Calendar - 210mm x 140mm / 300mm x 160mm

A4 Saddle Stitched Calandar - 210mm x 297mm

A4 Wire Bound Calendar - 210mm x 297mm

A3 Wire Bound Calendar - 297mm x 420mm


Ink Options: 1 colour or full colour



Tent Calendar - 310gsm

Fridge Calendar - 310gsm

Desktop Flip Calendar - 13x 150gsm leaves, 310gsm base wire bound

A4 Saddle Stitched Calandar - 150gsm inside with 250gsm cover

A4 Wire Bound Calendar - 150gsm inside with 250gsm cover

A3 Wire Bound Calendar - 150gsm inside with 250gsm cover


Finishing Options: Supplied trimmed to size. Supplied with a centre hole or hanger for the wire bound calendars.


Looking for more options: Please contact us and we will provide you with a custom quote to your specifications.

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